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At FMC, we are committed to advancing sustainability in innovation, operations, and business practices.  In order to demonstrate our progress in these areas and against our goals, we use common metrics to track our progress.

Below you will find additional information on the key performance indicators included in our 2013 sustainability report, as well as additional data and information on scope and definitions.  This expanded data center is part of our effort to increase transparency.  Details on how we are working to improve our performance and systematically integrate sustainability considerations into our business processes can be found in our 2013 report, ‘Shaping Solutions for the Future.’



The disclosures and performance data below address FMC’s globally owned and managed facilities and assets for the fiscal year 2013, unless otherwise noted, and do not address joint ventures or other business partnerships. We will continue to report our sustainability performance objectives, goals and progress annually.

We welcome your questions, comments and feedback. For more information about the data displayed here or in the 2013 Sustainability Report, please contact

FMC uses five major global challenges to prioritize our sustainability efforts and keep us focused on developing solutions for the future.  

Read about five Guiding Principles and related Goals for sustainability at FMC


Experience the complete 2013 Sustainability Report

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