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At FMC, sustainability is about creating enduring value by managing our innovation, operations and business practices to meet the changing demands of our markets, our shareholders and society.  Specifically, we’re committed to the principles outlined at right.  As we work to help address some of the world’s major global challenges.


FMC uses five major global challenges to prioritize our sustainability efforts and keep us focused on developing solutions for the future.  

Read about five Guiding Principles and related Goals for sustainability at FMC


Experience the complete 2013 Sustainability Report


Sustainability is not a “program” at FMC. Rather, it is increasingly central to the way we work.

Five sustainability principles guide FMC’s operating philosophy and decision-making: fostering safety, empowering talent, growing innovation, minding our resources and cultivating community. They align with our corporate Vision 2015, the five-year strategic roadmap we established in 2010 and are vital to how we shape our company and the choices we make as a sustainable, ethical and responsible business. By clearly articulating these five sustainability principles, FMC is better able to integrate sustainability into our daily activities and long-term planning. We constantly challenge ourselves to fulfill this responsibility.

We know this is a journey that requires continual refinement and improvement, and our commitment to sustainability comes from the very top of our organization. This means we have the support necessary to pursue and take action on sustainability goals. With this focus, we always strive to improve alignment between our business strategy and our stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.

Our sustainability governance structure provides overall guidance, priority setting and access to resources, while allowing core teams in each business and functional area to engage in detailed discussions that create value for FMC and its stakeholders.

Learn more about our principles:   

  Governance Structure


FMC’s 2012 FMC Sustainability Report included our first set of measurable targets that address several areas of sustainability companywide. These targets represent important milestones, enabling us to work with stakeholders throughout our value chain and among various communities to advance a specific and common set of sustainability goals.


FMC’s mission and focus on improving lives worldwide led us to pinpoint five “market shaping shifts” that we can influence. When webegan our formal sustainability program in 2011, these shifts served as a blueprint for taking a more strategic and comprehensive approach to our responsibilities in meeting the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Going forward we will refer to the “shifts” as “major global challenges.” This revised terminology reflects the fact that these issues are among society’s most profound concerns and have significant implications for our shared future. Because FMC and our products can make a positive contribution to mitigating the problems, they frame our direction and give greater meaning to our work.

More than anything, we want to shape FMC’s future as a contributor to a better world. Creating solutions that address these major global challenges are vital to the stakeholders with whom we partner and share the goal of a more sustainable future. 

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