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  Our Guiding Principle: Respect people and support diversity.
Our Goal: Continue to cultivate a work environment that is ethical, supportive, and provides opportunity for professional and personal growth of employees.


Attracting and retaining a world-class workforce is vital to our future.  

As a global organization, our positions on ethical standards, how we treat people, and labor relation practices are critical to our business and play an important role in our sustainability efforts. Beyond this, these values are essential to compete for the world’s best talent.

We work to make FMC a positive and dynamic place to build a career. 

Read more about our approach to empowering talent in the 2013 Sustainability Report.

FMC uses five major global challenges to prioritize our sustainability efforts and keep us focused on developing solutions for the future.  

Read about five Guiding Principles and related Goals for sustainability at FMC


Experience the complete 2013 Sustainability Report

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If  we expect to generate world-class ideas and challenge each other’s assumptions, FMC knows that we must strive to reflect the diversity of our human family. To support greater diversity in our workforce, FMC is focused on a range of programs to attract the best and brightest to join us. We seek to attract people who bring diversity of thinking and experience.

FMC gives managers the tools and skills necessary to hire and promote the best candidates, as well as to recognize their development needs and potential opportunities. We engage employees and give promising individuals opportunities to develop through on-the-job experiences, special assignments and projects. We believe the most critical learning happens on the job and we work to create an environment in which everyone has opportunities to learn, grow and apply their skills.

Just as we track our market and financial performance, each FMC business closely monitors its recruitment progress, including diversity, and our Executive Committee reviews progress on a quarterly basis.


Once employees join our team, they have access to on-the-job training opportunities. In addition to position-specific training, FMC offers a variety of development and leadership programs that nurture employees through different stages of their career, including those described here.

  • Pathways to Leadership: One of our most popular courses, this two-day workshop teaches frontline managers and those who lead project teams how to improve their leadership and team member development. The program includes post session follow-up on participant progress and focuses on coaching for performance, conducting effective meetings, distinguishing leadership from management, and using teams for problem solving.
  • Leadership Boot Camp: Nominated employees attend six full days of Boot Camp sessions to develop their personal leadership styles, practice interpersonal skills, and learn how to effectively lead teams at FMC. Additional training is held annually for program attendees.
  • FMC Academia: Our Latin America region started this program to align its formal and informal learning opportunities with the company’s growth strategy and changing needs. Development focuses on several knowledge areas to improve leadership, business competencies, quality of life, safety and the environment.

FMC’s Global Talent Management director is responsible for ensuring a pipeline of talent throughout the corporation, and for placing an emphasis on learning and development opportunities that grow employees at all levels of their careers.


FMC relies heavily on skilled professionals throughout our company who are drawn from the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), yet – like similar companies around the world – we face the challenge of competing for a smaller pool of qualified STEM talent. To reverse this trend, we are partnering with schools and universities to actively promote these courses of study.

Sharing Responsibility for sustainability

FMC  knows we can only deliver on our commitment to sustainability with the shared commitment of our greatest resource: our employees. Though much progress has been made, we recognize the potential to do much more. We continue to embed sustainability into employees’ everyday roles and provide ongoing development opportunities for FMC’s current and future leaders. Employees are at the core of FMC’s success.

Our goal is to fully integrate sustainability into our business operations. We have implemented a structure (shown in the graphic to right) that provides overall guidance, priority setting and access to resources, while allowing core teams in each business and functional area to engage in detailed discussions that create value for FMC and its stakeholders.

This organizational design promotes teams working in parallel to ensure (1) our sustainability principles are advanced by each of our business strategies and (2) our core business processes are adjusted to explicitly build in sustainability considerations. We have transitioned from a single Sustainability Council to a cross-functional implementation team model embedded in each business, function and region. We also formed a Sustainability Steering Team that includes the president of each FMC business group and leaders of most corporate functions. Their common focus is to reach alignment on approach, ensure sufficient progress and coordinate efforts across the enterprise.

Measuring Employee Engagement 

With multiple communication tools in place, in late 2012 we conducted FMC’s first internal sustainability survey to assess the level of employee engagement and establish a baseline for measuring our progress. It also identified specific areas where additional focus might improve workforce involvement.

We completed our second survey in 2013 to measure progress from the established 2012 baseline to prioritize areas for improvement. See results and resulting actions from the 2013 survey in the 2013 Sustainability Report.

Respect and ethical behavior

Our focus on people extends beyond FMC employees to encompass the many people around the world who directly and indirectly touch our business. As we continue to grow globally, we recognize the potential risks of operating in multiple regions with differing laws and business practices.

FMC Code of Ethics

FMC’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Code) summarizes the legal and ethical principles that we follow in our daily work. FMC’s commitment to the Code starts at the corporation’s highest level. The FMC Corporate Responsibility Committee manages FMC’s overall compliance with applicable law and FMC policies (including the Code) and compliance training. This committee consists of our chief executive officer, chief financial officer, executive vice president of human resources, executive vice president and general counsel, and one of our business presidents. The group also considers the appropriate response to significant ethics and compliance matters. The Committee reports to the Audit Committee of the FMC Board of Directors.

In 2012, we clarified our commitment in this area by updating our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to unambiguously state our expectations related to human dignity. While our businesses have consistently maintained high standards in this area, we saw this policy update as an important reaffirmation of our ethical principles and practices, especially as our business grows worldwide.

Every new FMC employee receives ethics compliance training, followed by recertification at least every three years to ensure strict adherence to our Code of Ethics. Required re-training and re-certification on the Code took place in 2013.

To view more information on 2013 training and activities, view 2013 report update.

FMC employees worldwide are encouraged to report suspected violations of the FMC Code and other legal or ethical violations through a confidential and anonymous system managed by Global Compliance, a leading provider of outsourced governance, risk management and compliance services. Employees can contact Global Compliance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week either by phone, web or mail. Global Compliance provides multi lingual service and has trained staff to handle ethics calls.

It is FMC’s policy to investigate any reported violation of the Code, other FMC policy, or applicable law, and to take appropriate action, as determined by FMC, based on the results of the investigation. It is also FMC’s policy that every employee may report violations with no fear of retaliation by co-workers, supervisors, or others. 

Labor Agreements Based on Respect

Treating  employees with respect is more than a policy; it is ’s at the heart of how we build positive, constructive, effective teams around the world. Independent Regardless of the size of a site or its primary line of business, a strong relationship among those responsible for its operations drives has a  benefits for all involved. Managing union relationships can pose challenges for any organization, and FMC is no different. However, for each of our sites, we make every effort to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial. We focus on collaborating to find solutions for everyday interactions as well as contract re-negotiations. We strongly believe in this cooperative approach.  
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